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My business coaching programme works

My programme takes you from “out of your mind” to “making money”. It starts with defining where you are, and where you want to get to (so you know when you’re there). 

Coaching is most useful for people who are not achieving the growth they want, aren’t performing as they want to or who are stressed and anxious.

Dramatic change

Belinda took the free trial, built her website and got her first customer. Beforehand she was totally stuck. Her emotional state changed dramatically in as little as 10 days.

How Belindas 2 week trial changed her

How does Unlimited work?

We voice and text message multiple times a week on Telegram (like WhatsApp) and discuss your challenges & goals, together finding solutions that suit you.

What will it be like?

People-pleasing tasks

Solutions to a team argument

Why your Success Strategy is unique

1. You find a business model! But it doesn’t work for you?

You discover a business model on YouTube. You’re excited to try it, but after 3 months, you still aren’t moving forward.

2. We discover why in coaching

We find you’re a people-pleaser. You’d started to anticipate uncomfortable complaints. 

To avoid these, you’d subconsciously sabotaged your progress by “working on your website”.

3. We find your Success Strategy

We experiment with solutions for you.

Meanwhile, you employ freelancers to tackle the tasks you’re uncomfortable with.

How do I know I need a Business Coach?

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Great place to start!

Can you ever arrive at your perfect life if your vision isn’t clear? You can’t.

Understanding yourself more clearly

When you understand your wants and needs as a person better, you can be clearer about your destination, and we can start to design the future that suits you.

Designing the perfect life

I was working with an executive recently who wanted to understand whether a career change was right for him. We examined his values, and discovered the right amount of stress – “between a 4 and 8 out of 10” – was perfect for him. Plus, he wanted to spend more time with his family, and avoid the unmanageable stress of 5-days a week corporate life since it could impact his health long term. Knowing this, we designed his perfect life.

Quick question

How would life change if you were clear?

Amazing admission!

It’s great that you are aware of this! Awareness is the first step to improvement.

Fight or flight reduces your decision making

When we’re worried, we switch into fight or flight mode. In this state, we are less capable of rational thought since blood is moved from the brain to the muscles, to become ready to run away from a tiger.

Health issues

If you’re chronically stressed, it can contribute to illness, disease and mental health issues.

Accepting life

I was working with a business owner who found that she was constantly worried about the future. We discovered that she felt out of control and was trying to avoid certain outcomes. 

While those outcomes weren’t ideal, they would have been perfectly manageable, and the risk of some of them could be reduced with information, education and experimentation. 

She discovered that much of what she was scared of wouldn’t ever occur, and that she could cope if it did.

Quick question

How long will you allow yourself to carry on like this?

I’m delighted you have options!

When we don’t have options, we become boxed in. By having a decision to make, you’re allowing yourself options.

Evaluating attributes & options

I was working with a finance director recently who had a decision with many factors. We worked together to identify all of the elements of this decision, which ones were acceptable and which would require further thought. With the more challenging outcomes, we examined next steps if these outcomes came true.

The end result was that he took the risky path, recognising that he could mitigate a few issues and was willing to accept the risk on the others.

Quick question

How long are you willing to allow this decision to weigh you down?

So essential to recognise this!

The start of any chance of to observe that there is a situation which isn’t serving you.

Unpleasant outcomes

We all have some tasks that we don’t want to do for some reason or other; maybe it’s a task we don’t enjoy, or will find unpleasant? Or maybe we’re fearful about a consequence of achievement?

But when the outcome of those tasks is important, a solution will help us.

Let’s get specific

Recently, I worked with a business owner who was unwilling to set up their website and social media. Through discussion, she recognised that setting up the website required accessing data connected to a negative event in their life. That realisation and some further questioning were enough to trigger action.

With it came to social media, she was afraid of appearing too “braggy”. Further conversation drew a connection to marketing and feeling that bragging was somehow lying. We worked together on developing some works she was happy to use and, once she recognised there were no consequences, other words were unlocked too.

Quick question

What’s the impact of continually delaying these task?

But amazing that you made a start!

Can you start by giving yourself some congratulations for starting a business?

Repeating patterns

It’s common for us to find ourselves in repeating patterns. Like sitting on a merry-go-round, we find ourselves back at the same point time and time again.

And we try again and again using the same strategies to achieve new outcomes, although we might tweak them and call them different. It’s time to try something totally new!

When we’re in our repeating patterns, we are typically not allowing ourselves to get off this merry-go-round in order to allow ourselves to get onto another one. Usually moving away from what’s comfortable isn’t something we’re willing to do.

Deep work brings big changes

I was working with a client recently who was stuck. Her childhood had led her to believe that she wouldn’t ever be successful, and also that successful people had to “work really hard”. Her attitude to money was not in line with what she was trying to achieve.

We unpicked all of this together and she completed some initially challenging exercises. We also moved her on past fear of processes, which were limiting her ability to complete enough work. The outcome was her first successful wellness retreat, which she’d been trying to create for 3 years.

Quick question

What are you not allowing yourself to do and who are you not allowing yourself to be?

That’s an amazing insight!

So many small businesses find marketing and/or sales a challenge. You can begin to make a change now.

Marketing and sales are possible

We have to start from the position that marketing and sales are possible, because others are achieving.

It’s very common for us to know instinctively what we should be doing, but we’ve started to procrastinate about tasks we are uncomfortable with.

Identifying small tweaks and changes

I worked with a small business owner who was fine with sales, but found marketing extremely challenging.

We worked together on her ideal client avatar, and I asked her to fill out a PDF about people who are successful with marketing in her industry, and how they compared to her.

Over the coming weeks, we identified elements where we could take steps forward together, and within the following month, she made her first sale. It was a huge moment for her since she was starting pretty much from scratch!

As a bonus, she also took on a freelancer in another country to help her.

Quick question

If marketing and sales are achievable for others, what actions are not allowing yourself to take?

I’m so glad your business is at that level!

It’s amazing that you’ve managed to create a business that means you’re hiring or managing. Well done!

Success strategies for hiring & managing

It’ll be important for your business to develop strategies that will work for you. These will ultimately be unique to you, since these are about people – yourself and others.

If you’ve been struggling with hiring, I would suggest experimenting with asking candidates to do some of the tasks you have for them in interview, at least.

It’s all about people

An agency owner I worked with recently was struggling with both hiring and management.

It’s true that we can’t change anyone else, but we can change ourselves, and we started from this position. We looked at her and how she was with the staff. We discovered she was a people pleaser, which comes with both positives and negatives.

She was eager to hire and less eager to lead and direct.

We worked on small challenges for her together and I gave her a fantastic exercise for reducing people pleasing that I’ve developed. After a time, her staff were happier, and so was she. 

Quick question

What have you tried to change in yourself in order to handle colleagues more effectively?

Woah! Incredibly reflection!

You should be proud to admit this. Not everyone can. You’re on your way!

What is it?

Self-confidence is where we believe, no matter what comes, we’ll cope with it. Low self-confidence is when just we’re not sure we can. Maybe that’s based on experiences in the past when we’ve failed. But we just hadn’t found our unique Success Strategy.

It’s OK to not be certain about everything

I worked with a client who was struggling with self-confidence in all areas of her business.

Every time she tried to take a step forwards, she’d find a point where she couldn’t move forwards from, and she dropped back again.

Challenging where she was made her angry because she was frustrated and didn’t want to admit it.

It took time, but we made tiny steps forward. As she started to see she could move on, her confidence grew. She ran her first major retreat later that year. 

Quick question

When your self-confidence holds you back, what is it holding you back from?

Woah! Incredibly reflection!

This is surprisingly common, right the way up the seniority scale to senior executives, so don’t feel shame.

What is it?

Imposter syndrome is a feeling that you shouldn’t be there … that you’ll be found out as a fault. As I mentioned, it’s incredibly common in business, although people attempt to mask it, causing themselves harm and stress.

It’s OK not to know

I worked with a new manager recently who noted that they were suffering from the stress of imposter syndrome, and was becoming anxious about a new job as a result.

Through working together, we uncovered how a previous job had left her feeling that every role might be the same, and she was unwilling to be honest about her lack of skills in some areas with the new employer.

We looked at what she needed to feel in control, and she worked with her new employer on these, and why being honest is seeming “weak”.

Quick question

What is holding yourself back protecting you from?

Incredible you recognise this!

It’s incredibly common for business owners to struggle with focus, since they have so many elements trying to grab their attention.

You’re the boss – you can experiment

Very often when we move into a new house we decide “this will go there, that will go here” without any plans. Businesses are the same. They develop a new plan and then never try anything else, so they never find what truly works for them.

Your team probably have their own issues too.

It’s OK to tell the team you want to change

I was working with a business owner who was finding themselves struggling with focus while travelling. We discussed this issue and discovered that they were just concerned about nothing – the team was totally OK.

However, we decided to use it as an opportunity to try new ways of working. I challenged her to find eight new ways of working on the road, and to try each for a couple of days.

After a month or so, she had discovered a method that allowed her to focus, be productive and travel without worrying about the team.

Quick question

Why are you not experimenting with your business?

I’m thrilled you want to get started!

It’s an exciting time you’re about to go through. I went through it too! I’d love to help!

Design your outcome

The most important element of starting a business is knowing where you want to arrive. While this doesn’t have to be too detailed, it’ll help your mind find the right opportunities if you know your destination.

My experience

When I started my business I struggled with absolutely everything. I didn’t know what to do. And this is often the biggest challenge – if you’ve always worked for others, there’s no one telling you what to do. You can do literally anything.

I can work with you on plans and accountability. 

Quick question

Do you believe anyone is ever sure how to begin their business?

It’s great you want them to be!

It’s essential to know that your financial and business model work, and by this I mean you create a profit. I’m here to help!

Generating profit and growth

Businesses are there to earn money, and usually to grow. Sometimes they don’t have the best models for this though.

Financial models answer questions

I worked with a small business recently on building a financial model of their entire business using a spreadsheet. In this case I did the spreadsheet for them.

The result was they were able to see where to spend more and less effort by seeing how much money they were making per hour for every action, and play around with the mix of work. It resulted in a significant shift in activity. 

Quick question

Be honest: why do you not have these?

You and everyone else!

Don’t feel bad about this. I hardly know any small business which has great plans. It’s OK. You are where you are.

What do you want?

The starting point of planning is defining the endpoint, and working backwards. People try to work forwards, but it’s incredibly ineffectively. When we work from the end, we know where we are and we can discover the steps we took to get there.

Evolving plans

I often work with businesses quarterly on their plans. It helps them to have a sounding board and we can revisit their long-term objectives in order to ensure they have a target to aim for. 

Any plan is better than no plan, and it’s perfectly OK to change them when new information comes in.

Quick question

What would change in business with improved plans? 

3 Key Questions

How will life be in a decade, if you carry on as you are?

What regrets might you have?

Are you willing to accept them?

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching offers you the support and growth to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Is Business Coaching challenging?

I’ll challenge what you believe you can achieve, but I’m a kindly soul so these are only to help you open doors.

Hi, I’m Phil Drinkwater, an entrepreneur who’s built an online business to $20million in sales. 

Along the way, I overcame business challenges, self-doubt and overwhelm to build a company that’s still consistent, successful and profitable today. 

Was it worth the stress? You bet!

I’m now a Certified Business Coach with psychology training who provides support to entrepreneurs and business owners. My business runs itself with well-trained employees.

What does Unlimited run on?

We chat together via voice and text message on Telegram, which is like  Whatsapp.

How is Unlimited different to traditional Business Coaching?

Unlimited is “micro-coaching,” where we talk much more regularly about your challenges at the moment you’re experiencing them. 

If you’re up at midnight worrying, message me with and I’ll usually reply the next day.

How do we discuss complex subjects on text / voice messages?

I have Free Courses and Webinars which you can access, or I might make a course specifically for you.

Why do I need it?

What business owners think, and how I reply

“I can work it out on my own!”

But with the right help, could you get there faster?

“My business plan is OK!”

Would you be happier with a plan that’s amazing?

“I’ve just got to work hard and hussle!”

How may less strenuous paths did you discount?

“I need to make money, not spend!”

Would you spend to make money more quickly?

“I need training via a mentor!”

Will a mentor lead you to the path that’s right for them, or for you?

“I’ve been doing OK for years!”

Would you be willing to move from OK into incredible?

How does the trial work?

It’s easy. You download and install Telegram, and we connect via your phone number. We voice & text message multiple times a week.

Is it really just free?

Sure! There’s no catch. You sign up. We work together. If you don’t see the benefit, we part as friends.

How does the paid plan work?

We set up a monthly invoice. There are no contracts – cancel whenever you like.

Any Terms & Conditions?

I reply as soon as possible, often within 1 business day. There’s an Fair Use upper limit for your messages. If you are messaging too much, I will let you know.

I never make decisions for you. I may present new suggestions, though.

Please understand that coaching isn’t therapy. 

What they say..

Sara, an aspiring entrepreneur, was struggling with repeating patterns of procrastination as she tried to launch. We removed everything from her task list, picked the key tasks for a Minimum Viable Product and re-prioritised only those. 

This left her with a manageable amount of work and a clear focus.

Belinda, a small business owner, was feeling stuck and uncertain about how to move forward. She wasn’t getting enquiries and wasn’t managing to launch her website. 

Towards the end of her two week Free Trial, this was a conversation we had.

Monthly plan

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  • Access to online courses
Founders price

Unlimited; for faster business growth and a happier life.

Join the owners who are growing faster, while minimising the impact to their pocket and productivity.

Welcome to the Unlimited family!

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